The late snow storms came through with a vengeance this year. It seems, however, that March and April were particularly hard on our trees. I recall watching the wet, large flakes fall from the window and hearing the trees cracking under the load. We take it for granted along the Front Range that spring means not only shoveling your driveway, (sometimes in shorts) but you inevitably will have to shovel your trees off too. Every year big trees fall victim to the crushing weight of spring snowstorms.  touch1

Battered Trees

It has been a rough winter for our trees but living in Colorado this is one of the things that comes with the territory. We endure extreme dryness in the early winter months and crushing wet snow in the early spring. Broken branches so large they make the evening news, flattened cars and damaged roofs. Well finally the winter is over, and it is time to give A Climb Above tree service a call.


The key to preventing your trees from being killed by our spring storms is prevention. It is not always evident from simply looking at the tree if it has had significant damage. The wind will inevitably blow through with the summer storms and create even more damage from weakened trees. Now is the time to have your trees inspected before those destructive summer storms. A Climb Above is here to keep your treasured trees strong and healthy. We have the expertise and local experience to keep your trees in the best shape.