1. Tree-Killing Snow!

    The late snow storms came through with a vengeance this year. It seems, however, that March and April were particularly hard on our trees. I recall watching the wet, large flakes fall from the window and hearing the trees cracking under the load. We take it for granted along the Front Range that spring means not only shoveling your driveway, (sometimes in shorts) but you inevitably will have to sh…Read More

  2. The Dead Zone

    Summer time along the Front Range is a magical time. It is the most beautiful time of year in the most beautiful part of the country. The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are starting to fill with leaves. Well, all the trees except for the one that sustained damage in the spring snowstorms. That old boy still has two leaves clinging to the remaining branch and the rest of …Read More

  3. Time For Spring!

    It’s spring in Colorado! What does that mean besides the mountains being closed because of excessive mud? Or Red Rocks finally gearing up for the summer? It is time to get your yard in order. That can be a major pain in the neck if you are still reeling from the snowstorm that blazed through the metro area and brought branches down everywhere. Don’t put off those plans to go to Red Rocks becau…Read More